Q1. How much does the monthly installment pay for the Honda dream Serie 2022?

A1. Honda dream Serie 2022

  • For 1 year, pay $260.07 per month.
  • For 2 year, pay $152.36 per month.
  •  For 3 year, pay $116.46 per month.

Q2. Are there any special discount on lease for former clients who come to lease again?

A2. Mega Leasing provides a lot of promotional material to former client.

Q3. What documents are required for applying to motorbike lease?

A3.  ID card, family book or residential book, revenue statement

Q4. Could apply for motorbike lease without down payment?

A4. Yes, could.

Q5. How long can lease motorbike?

A5. From 12 month to 36 months.

Q6. Are there any guarantor required?

A6. No require at all

Q7. Can apply for motorbike lease at Mega Leasing while being as lessee at other leasing companies?

A7.   Can apply if lessee’s payment capacity is sufficient.

Q8. If creditworthiness records in credit history show of late payment or damage because of standing for guarantor, could apply for motorbike lease at Mega Leasing?

A8. Could apply if lessee’s payment capacity is sufficient.

Q9. How much is interest rate charge?

A9. Reasonable interest rate. Our team will inform more details.

Q10. Can employee/workers apply for motorbike lease?

A10. Yes, can.

Q11. Could business owner apply for motorbike lease?

A11. Yes, could.

Q12. What are documents requirement of guarantor?

A12. Same as customer.

Q13. How long does it take to apply for motorbike lease?

A13.  Take only 2-3 hours if all documents requirement is sufficient.

Q14. Resident at province, could apply for motorbike lease?

A14. Yes, Could.