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Mr. CHHOY Bunnak

Chief Executive Officer

“Highly cost-effective optimization and risk reduction are the norm in Mega Leasing Plc. These efforts will be well-coordinated with the company's strategy, which is a key factor for the sustainable development and strength of Mega Leasing Plc. This is not a one-time effort, it takes a lot of effort and patience to keep the company stable and strong. From year to year, we are constantly mitigating unforeseen risks, such as operating systems, regulations, and financial leasing service offering. We have invested a lot, in our staffs for competencies and governance, and in financial leasing technology systems in order to meet the needs of all interested parties, especially for our clients,”

Achievement in 2020

Competitive Environment

Despite the strict regulations, the banking and financial sector in Cambodia is still very attractive to local and foreign investors. These days, there are 52 commercial banks, 14 specialized banks, 6 microfinance institutions taking deposits, 75 microfinance institutions, 246 rural credit operators, 15 financial leasing companies, 4 third party processors, 24 payment service providers, 1 credit information sharing company, 6 foreign bank representative offices and 2,889 exchangers. Due to the growth of new establishments, the market has become more competitive in terms of price, quality and service. Even market is very completive, Mega Leasing Plc. is still able to maintain sustainable growth, and the company continues to develop itself by providing a wide range of financial leasing services and products, as well as providing fast and quality services to customers throughout 11 Branch-offices in the capital and provinces of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Strategies for 2021

·         Maintain a strong capital via sufficient capital reserves

·         Increase the volume of financial lease portfolio

·         Manage NPL in low rate

·         Promote compliance with regulations and strengthen the internal control system

·         Maintain high profit margins

·         Enhance the process of applying for financial lease

·         Build customer confidence and understanding of the company's financial leasing terms and conditions.

·         Promote and develop additional skills for staff

·         Improve staff retention.


As a management of the company, I would like to express my deep gratitude and best wishes to the Royal Government Cambodia, the National Bank of Cambodia, the clients, the Board of Directors, the management and all level of staff who always support and cooperate with all activities that enable Mega Leasing Plc. to continue to grow efficiently and sustainably.